Cane Corso Mastiff - Where Did They are available From?


The Cane Corso Mastiff is the most Athletic plus some say most fierce looking masiff breed available today. There Agility is comparable to that of a smaller dog, as well as their muscular structure talks about unmatched strength. - cane corso mastiff

The Molosser, native to Rome in ancient times was much like the mastiff today. The molosser was adopted by ancient individuals to hunt, also to aid soldiers in war. Their size and strength was apt to this type of work. Nevertheless the molosser time fell your of the Roman empire and also the dog was crossbred with local hound dogs, This is the time the cane corso first came about the scene.

With this particular new breed farmers had a strong dog that can easily help with the agriculture work. Their body was small compared to that of a full grown molosser in addition to their agility like this of the hound. The Cane Corso became a popular and respected work dog during this time, and is traced back through old Italian literature.

Then with the slowing of agriculture as well as the rise of industry, an italian man , mastiff begun to loose its place in the society as the practical work dog. The breed began to dwindle into near extinction. Obviously revival came, but only with those who loved the breed, as well as the Italians begun to accept the breed being a good companion and guard dog.

The Cane Corso, Today can also be referred to as "Rare Breed Italian Mastiff" with justification. Very few think about this breed being a family dog. The look of them can be intimidating, as well as the public impression of this breed is it has natural tendencies of aggression. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Cane Corso naturally is gentle and dependable for their masters. They'll be nervous around strangers, but if socialized as puppy, they'll easily become confident with new strangers.With that being said natural aggression is rare in almost any domesticated dog, unless it's got train being like that. - cane corso mastiff